At Falguni Shane Peacock, you can shop for all types of designer wedding wear under one roof. The celebrated designer brand has been the go-to luxury wedding wear shopping destination for ardent fashion admirers who love to explore their fashion choices.

Falguni Shane Peacock is a luxury fashion brand synonymous with luxe fabrics, ornate embellishments, feather detailing, intricate embroidery and contemporary silhouettes. FALGUNI SHANE PEACOCK is the one-stop shop for all your designer bridal and wedding wear needs for both men and women.


Shop for Wedding Bridal Lehengas

The exquisite wedding bridal lehenga collection at Falguni Shane Peacock is every fashionista’s dream come true. The elaborate range of wedding bridal lehengas perfectly synthesises contemporary designs and traditional craftsmanship. From heavily embroidered wedding bridal lehengas replete with tassels, beads, sequins, metal threadwork and feathered elements such as feathered bows and feathered trails to lightweight chrome applique latest bridal lehengas, the collection is replete with everything a bride wants.


How to pick the latest bridal lehenga?

When picking the latest bridal lehenga, you need to consider several factors, such as the fabric, colour, style and occasion.


Explore Various Lehenga Fabrics

Wedding bridal lehengas are available in a variety of fabrics. You can find your favourite lehenga in various fabrics such as tulle and raw silk depending on the work and embroidery.


Check Out Different Lehenga Colours



Red is the most popular and loved colour for traditional wedding bridal lehengas. Cherry red, ruby red, scarlet, berry red or maroon; there is a perfect red for every bride in our fashion designer bridal lehenga collection.



For modern brides who want to keep it understated for their wedding day, there is an elaborate range of pastel-hued lehengas. The collection of pastel lehengas at Falguni Shane Peacock showcases pastel blue bridal lehengas, pastel yellow lehengas, pastel pink lehengas, pastel green lehengas, etc.



Brides these days are heavily gravitating towards lighter and muted colours for their bridal ensemble and beige is one colour that is slowly becoming a hit amongst new-age brides. The beige-based Falguni Shane Peacock wedding bridal lehenga collection is replete with embellished designer lehengas, foil bridal lehengas and embroidered beige lehengas.



Contrary to popular choice, bolder colours such as blue, grey, purple, black, etc., are gradually becoming popular with brides who want to experiment and stand out from the rest on their wedding day.



There was a time when ivory was a colour that was off-limit for brides to wear. But times have changed now and even the prohibited colours such as ivory are becoming popular with brides. The plush ivory wedding bridal lehenga collection at Falguni Shane Peacock is the epitome of simplicity, elegance and glamour.



Gold-coloured latest bridal lehengas are all the rage among brides for their post or pre-wedding ceremonies and as their bridal outfits. The metallic hue is slowly but surely upping the ante when it comes to popular wedding bridal lehenga colour choices.


Pick an Occasion


Sangeet Lehengas

The sangeet ceremony is one of the most crucial parts of an Indian traditional wedding. It is marked by dancing and singing, where both the bride’s and groom’s family and friends partake in it. It is a pre-wedding ceremony but is celebrated with great pomp and show. The bride of course needs to dress up in an outfit suitable for the occasion. At Falguni Shane Peacock, you get to choose from an elaborate range of sangeet-appropriate latest bridal lehengas and gowns to make you stand out.


Engagement Lehengas

After the wedding day, engagement is the second most important event amongst the wedding festivities. The engagement lehenga need not be as elaborate as the wedding lehenga, but still needs to be a royal affair. At Falguni Shane Peacock, you can shop for your ideal engagement outfit from the wide selection of designer engagement lehengas and shine through the special occasion.


Bridal Lehengas

Browse through our latest collection of wedding bridal lehengas at Falguni Shane Peacock. The best lehenga designs for weddings here comprise foil lehengas, embellished lehengas, embroidered lehengas, feather detailing lehengas, corset blouse lehengas, cropped blouse lehengas and more.


Partywear Lehengas

Partywear lehengas are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. These best lehenga designs for weddings are lighter than your average bridal lehengas and are more apt for pre-wedding celebrations and festivals. Designer partywear lehengas are specifically designed for smaller occasions such as get-togethers, festival celebrations and wedding-related events.

The partywear lehenga collection at Falguni Shane Peacock is replete with lightweight, opulent-looking lehengas that are perfect for any occasion. From foil lehengas to embellished wedding bridal lehenga designs to couture pieces, there is something to cater to everyone’s partywear needs.


Shop for Couture Wedding Lehengas

Falguni Shane Peacock is the best designer clothes brand to shop for wedding couture lehengas. These exquisite wedding bridal lehenga designs are decked up with avant-garde detailing which you can’t get anywhere else. The couture best lehenga designs for weddings are all about opulence, drama and flare. They are a symphony of crystals, sequins, beadwork and intricate embroidery, creating elaborate patterns on flared lehenga skirts and modern blouse designs.


Shop for Sherwanis for Grooms

Shop for dapper sherwani and bandi sets from the elaborate collection of men’s traditional wear at Falguni Shane Peacock. The men’s traditional wear collection is replete with stunning bandi sets, detail-oriented sherwani for grooms and front-open sherwanis for a more casual look. Curated on luxe raw silk, the groom’s wear collection at FSP is replete with threadwork and chrome applique creating stunning gridwork, floral, architectural, baroque, foliage and ethnic motifs.




Q: What are the latest bridal lehengas in 2024?

The new age brides are all about elaborate, one-of-a-kind designs when it comes to their bridal attire, and to convert their sartorial wedding dreams to reality, the brides are relentlessly relying on couture wedding designers. FALGUNI SHANE PEACOCK has been a go-to bridal shopping destination for fashion-forward brides for almost two decades now. Their creative brilliance is something that keeps drawing fashion lovers from around the globe and picking them as their first choice. Some of the most loved wedding bridal lehenga designs for 2023 have to be:

  • Latest bridal lehenga with cape
  • Wedding bridal lehenga with a long trail
  • Bridal couture lehenga
  • Wedding bridal lehenga with feather shrug
  • Bridal lehenga with poncho
  • Bridal lehenga with feathered shrug
  • Latest bridal lehenga with feathered veil
  • Mermaid cut bridal lehenga

Q: Where can I get the best lehenga designs for weddings online?

Apart from the bridal couple, the most important thing at a wedding is the best lehenga designs for wedding. Weddings in India are a grand affair and everything needs to be on the same opulent level, including the bridal lehenga. With the evolution of online shopping portals, it has become very convenient for busy brides to browse through the latest bridal lehenga collections online.

If you are a bride-to-be looking for your best lehenga designs for wedding, make sure to browse through the latest bridal-wear collection at Falguni Shane Peacock. The world-renowned luxury fashion brand is celebrated for its contemporary take on traditional outfits and is a trusted name among A-listers and celebrities alike.


Q: What factors do you need to consider while shopping for the latest bridal lehenga for the bride?

Several factors need to be considered when picking the best lehenga designs for wedding. As a bride, you will spend hours wearing your latest bridal lehenga, thus picking the correct one is crucial. Some of the important aspects to keep in mind are:

  • Pick the wedding bridal lehenga design that you absolutely love and do not settle for a lehenga half-heartedly. Your bridal lehenga is not just an outfit, you are going to create a lifetime of memories in it. So, make sure you pick wisely.
  • The wedding bridal lehenga should truly reflect your personality and should not be some catalogue design you keep seeing on your social media feed. Try to browse through various online and physical stores, before you finalise the wedding bridal lehenga design.

Q: When should you buy a bridal lehenga for your wedding occasion?

The ideal time frame to purchase your wedding bridal lehenga is 4-5 months before the wedding. If you get it too early, there are chances that the style may become outdated. On the other hand, if you get it too late, the wedding bridal lehenga design may not be ready on time and that could be a pain too. So, it is best to keep the lehenga shopping time duration more or less around 4-5 months. 


Q: Where can I find the best designer traditional wear for men?

When it comes to designer men’s fashion wear, there are only a few designers who do it the best. Among those, Falguni Shane Peacock has to be one brand that has provided a much-needed revival to men’s fashion designer clothes. From bandi sets to sherwanis, their contemporary collection of men’s traditional wear is like a breath of fresh air.