Attention, brides-to-be! There is no need to lose sleep over finding the latest bridal lehenga designs; the coveted luxury designer brand Falguni Shane Peacock is here to resolve all your bridalwear dilemmas. 

Bridal fashion scenarios in India keep evolving. With each new season, brides get to explore new folds of fashion. The bridalwear market is overflowing with traditional and contemporary options, so it is indispensable to feel overwhelmed when shopping for the latest bridal lehenga designs.


There are fashion fads that are popular for a season and then there are designs that never go out of style. If you are not a fashion buff, it is always best to invest in a timeless bridal lehenga for women that will look just as fresh and fashionably relevant year after year.

Sit back and relax as we assist you in finding the latest bridal lehenga designs for a fashion-appropriate bridal look. Here are some of our recommendations from Falguni Shane Peacock’s coveted bridal lehenga collection to make your bridal look stand-out. 

WHITNEY BRIDAL LEHENGA (Chrome Applique Lehenga)

Chrome-applique latest bridal lehenga designs are gaining substantial popularity among brides for numerous reasons; the most important one must be the lightweight feel. Printed chrome applique lehengas look just as elaborate but are lighter than their popular counterparts, including embroidered and embellished lehengas.

Our recommendation would be the Whitney bridal lehenga. The majestic bridal lehenga for women showcases intricate elephant, dove, baroque and foliage motifs on a multicoloured base. The lehenga is styled with a multicoloured chrome applique blouse with tassel detailing and a tulle dupatta with a fringed border.



You can never go wrong with the quintessential embroidered bridal lehenga set. Before the evolution of Indian traditional fashion wear, embroidered lehengas were the go-to bridalwear option for brides. Even today, embroidered lehengas are one of the most popular choices for brides who don’t want to spend much time fussing about their bridal lehenga.

At Falguni Shane Peacock, you can choose from a wide range of embroidered lehengas and one of our favourites from the collection is the Millie bridal lehenga for women. The antique white-based, multicoloured lehenga is adorned with crystals, sequins and beads showcasing floral, butti and architectural motifs. The soothing-hued lehenga is paired with a cropped embellished blouse with tassel detailing and a tulle dupatta.



For fashion-conscious brides who love to keep up with the ongoing fashion fads, embellished lehengas are the perfect option. Embellished lehengas are often encrusted with ornate embellishments such as beads, sequins, crystals, and stones to create distinctive patterns and motifs. They are heavier compared to embroidered lehengas but look more exquisite.

Our recommendation to the brides would be the Janessa bridal lehenga set. The cherry blossom pink-based multicoloured lehenga is a beautiful option if you want to wear an embellished lehenga. The latest lehenga features intricate threadwork featuring regal and architectural motifs, adorned with crystals, sequins, stones and beads. The lehenga is styled with a half-sleeved blouse, a tulle drape and a bordered tulle dupatta.



Pastel lehengas are just as popular among brides as their traditional counterparts, such as reds and pinks. In the last decade or two, brides have started opting for soothing pastel hues such as peach, lilac, blush pink, etc., for their bridal lehenga. These muted-tone lehengas are the perfect ones for brides who want to steer away from bright traditional hues.

Check out our Sierra bridal lehenga set if you want your pastel bridal dreams to come true, but in true Falguni Shane Peacock fashion. The latest lehenga is encrusted with crystals, showcasing geometric and foliage motifs and is styled with a handcrafted blouse with tassel detailing and a tulle dupatta with chrome applique motifs.


ELLISON BRIDAL LEHENGA SET (Traditional Red Lehenga)

One colour that immediately pops up in the head when talking about bridal lehenga is red. Even today, most brides pick red as their preferred bridal attire colour, as it is the colour of auspiciousness, love and celebration. For the longest time, wedding attire for Indian women was a red saree or lehenga. 

At Falguni Shane Peacock, you will be spoiled for choices when picking your red latest lehenga set. One of our favourites has to be the Ellison bridal lehenga set. The traditional red lehenga features floral and regal motifs in golden chrome applique. The latest lehenga design is styled with a handcrafted blouse, a traditional belt, a tulle-wrapped dupatta and another tulle dupatta.